Nathanael Coffing

Nathanael Coffing
Nathanael is an cybersecurity visionary who’s spent the last decade focused on improving the security posture of distributed applications using microservices to protect business functions by providing authentication and authorization for any user, service or thing. Over the last two decades he’s honed his product and scalability expertise at Sun, Oracle, and Imperva showcasing how these security disciplines can work together to provide a rapid orchestrated deployment and response mechanism that meets today’s emerging security needs.
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Defense In-Depth for API and DevOps Security

Posted by Nathanael Coffing on Jul 10, 2018 3:43:55 PM

 Authorization has come along way since setting bits in the file system. With the advancements in Machine learning, big data and behavioral profiling its time for authorization to take its next generational leap and move into a flexible risk based access control model that works in concert with legacy access control policies.

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Topics: Identity, IAM, devops

Developer Self Service for Identity and API Security.

Cloudentity provides enterprise application developers with a suite of microservices that seamlessly integrates Identity and API Security. Accelerate the DevOps processes with a service mesh that reduces time to market and development cost by 30%.

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