Presentation: Identity Isn't Just for Users Anymore

Posted by Michael Bissell on Jun 27, 2018 8:45:07 AM
Michael Bissell
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Security management has historically been focused on the User attempting to access a resource. But in the increasingly complex world of CI/CD methodologies and microservices, it’s no longer “Users” and “Resources” we need to secure. Applications need to talk to each other, resources need to move from development through production and be managed by automated systems, and the systems themselves have become consumers and contributors.

This 11 minute overview describes how to tie together your development, QA, deploy and support process with all the people, applications, environments, devices under centrally a managed, programmatically enforced security policy. 




Topics: Identity, IAM

Developer Self Service for Identity and API Security.

Cloudentity provides enterprise application developers with a suite of microservices that seamlessly integrates Identity and API Security. Accelerate the DevOps processes with a service mesh that reduces time to market and development cost by 30%.

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